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Go Without Generics

generics go gowestconf conference

Today I gave a talk on Generics in Go, or rather, about the kinds of hoops we need to jump through to do something in Go when we don’t have Generics. In my case it’s invoking arbitrary functions together in a pipeline, like one needs to do for Apache Beam.

This post is a placeholder for an article version of the talk, but for now, here are the relevant links.


WFH Desk

distractions desk keyboards

Since Quarantime began, I’ve been working from home, and my desk solution has steadily evolved throughout that duration.


Baba Is You

distractions games puzzles

Baba Is You is a delightfully constructed puzzle game from 2017. I like it.

It features a simple but powerful mechanic of putting together rules that modify gameplay.


How I set up this Website

dev distractions website

As a reminder for future me, and anyone who is curious, this is the set of things I used to set up this website.


Distractions in Quarantime

about distractions

This situation doesn’t feel real. Time isn’t passing as it normally does. As it should. It’s not really a quarantine.

It’s Quarantime.

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