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Journal 2020-10-12

distractions procrastination

The following was written 7 months into the pandemic, at the listed published date. It was a dark time. I then proceeded to ignore this page until 2022-03-25.

Ah well.

What do I want?

I dunno. Right now I want some caffiene and a breakfast. Other than that I guess I want to procrastinate less.

I’m better than I thought at procrastination. I procrastinate getting out of bed in the morning, and I do that every day. I want to write about how despite best intentions, maintaining a blog/site is tricky unless you devote time to it.

I want to write about the West Wing, and how I binge watched the whole thing, nearly to the exclusion of any other leisure time activity. How it gave me an appreciation of american politics and why folks gush praise about the show.

I want to write how my desk evolved after that last update went. It’s still so fresh and new.

I want to write about what I think about Destiny 2 these days with the season of Arrivals coming to a close and with Beyond Light approaching.

I don’t want to write about the election. I can’t bear to hope, and can do less as an immigrant.

I could write about refiniancing my relatively fresh mortgage.

I could write about Go West Conf, and how it was a lovely experience. I should finish porting the talk to an article/blog post.