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Shutternauting on JoCoCruise 2022

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Since 2013, I’ve been going on the JoCoCruise. It’s also where I was when the pandemic was officially declared in 2020.

I got to go back, for JoCoCruise 2022!

It was great!

It was a relief.

It was strange to be on a cruise during a pandemic. Everyone was kind, and safe, and care was taken.

I got to see friends. I got to hug them! Time was spent in the sun, eating fancy foods, and indulging in fruity drinks. I also got to indulge in what ultimately became my pandemic hobby: Photography!

Perhaps some of the pictures will float up here somehow, though some have already been posted to my twitter.

Since I’m a helper, I volunteered for “Shutternaut” duty on the cruise. That meant I was one of a handful of folks who really wanted to take pictures, and contribute them back for the cruise to use.

While JoCoCruise is a cruise, or a convention at sea, or a set of shows with friends, it’s all of that and more. It’s impossible to see it all. So, we volunteers take pictures to show what the cruise is like.

I took about ~6500 pictures throughout the week. About ~1700 of them are worth looking at further. So that’s what I’m doing this weekend. Editing Pictures. Cropping, adjusting levels, and possibly tossing them away.

At the same time, remembering just how good the week was.

We had a SMB server share we could upload things to, and something to take dumps of our memory cards.

I contributed pictures using the camera’s companion app, and a random android app I hastily downloaded for the purpose, to upload JPGs from the camera. I couldn’t do much in the way of culling or editing on ship as a result.

I’m leaning towards doing it again next year, if only to optimize the process.

Till next time.